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Zhejiang JetTrueMedia Coating Technology Co., Ltd located in Longyou County, Zhejiang Province, China, where known as “hometown of paper industry”. We are a leading manufacturer which is specialized in producing photo paper and Inkjet media products for all kinds of inkjet printers.
With the top level materials from the world as well as our advantageous formulation, strict manufacturing process and quality control system, we provide high level and full range of inkjet photo paper. Our paper has outstanding quality regarding the brightness, water-resistance and dry speed, which can support to the printing on high resolution of 5760dpi.

Add:Add: No.7,Fengshu Road,Longyou industrial Park,Longyou County,Zhejiang Provice,China.
  Add:Add: No.7,Fengshu Road,Longyou industrial Park,Longyou County,Zhejiang Provice,China.  Tel:0570-7221026    
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